Day 245~ Cottonwood Trail to Pipeline Canyon Trail to Yavapai Point Trail Peoria, AZ

November 25th, 2016 ~ Day 245


 Opting for the outdoors on Black Friday, skipping the lines at the stores, it’s a beautiful life we live! Sabrina lead our group on a Trail Mix hike through some beautiful mountains out at Lake Pleasant. 

I have never been on these trails before and I’m always up for new places to hike. I would take hiking over shopping any day, unless maybe it’s shopping at a hiking store, and with that I am usually doing both. ☺

We parked along Castle Hot Springs Road and began our hike along the Cottonwood Trail. Hiking through valleys with sandy rocky washes. I got to hike with Becky, who I haven’t seen, in what feels like forever!

After about a mile we came to the Pipeline Canyon Trail where we caught our first peak at the water, what a beautiful sight! The water was glowing from the sunshine bouncing off of it. Living in the desert, seeing water is rare, and I always get a sense of joy in the beauty that water beholds. The views all around us were spectacular!

There was a sign showing no horses, Sabrina asked us if we could figure out why. I never figured it out, but she explained that the cacti on the trail are so close a horse could never fit through there. Looking at all the beautiful desert scenery, I can only imagine coming out here to explore more. There is so much I want to see in this life, if only I had the time. 

From the Pipeline Canyon Trail we came to the Yavapai Point Trail. This began our uphill climb. Every step up was worth it to see the beauty of the lake surrounding us. We stopped at the top of the peak to enjoy the views, have a snack and snap our group photo. I didn’t want to leave. I enjoy being outdoors so much!

Capturing more stunning views of Lake Pleasant. I’m not only am I opting outside today. This hike is part of the 100 miles in 100 days challenge and Lake Pleasant is one of the ten Maricopa County Parks I can hike. So coming out here more often in the next couple months to explore is a must. 

From the Yavapai Point, we headed back the way we came. We hiked a total of 5.2 miles. It was a beautiful day out on the trails, exploring new territory, and beating the lines at the stores. Love this life!

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