Day 244 ~ 7th Annual Thunderbird Mountain Thanksgiving Day Hike Glendale, AZ

November 24th, 2016 ~ Day 244

🦃 Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃

A bright beautiful sunny morning on the trails! The wind was strong today which made it a little chilly, at least until I started hiking. Meeting at Thunderbird Mountain for another Trail Mix Meetup, the 7th Annual Thanksgiving Day hike. We had an awesome group of hikers with Kaveh leading us up the mountain. 

This is my second year for this hike. It was nice to get out of the kitchen for a little bit and see some friends, while continuing on my goal of hiking everyday for 365 days. Another bonus, I get to burn off some of the extra calories I’m about to eat. 

Every once in awhile, Kaveh would stop the group to tell us one of his Thanksgiving Day jokes. I don’t remember any of these jokes he shared last year, so I got a little chuckle. He’s quite the entertainer. 

It was great to see so many friends on the trails today. I hiked with Howard most of the time. We talked a lot about Mount Everest. I had once mentioned to him about hiking to Everest base camp and he hasn’t stopped thinking about it since. Dominic just did it this summer, so we were able to ask him questions too. I’m hoping this trip works out, this could be an amazing dream come true.  

There are three mountains at Thunderbird Park, for this hike, the group does two of the three peaks. The one thing about Thunderbird is that you can easily go back to your car at any of the three peaks if you park in the center. So that is what I did, along with a few other hikers. I had to get home and finish Thanksgiving dinner for my family. It was a beautiful day out there on the trails, hiking about 3.5 miles.

Thanksgiving to me is about being thankful and giving thanks for all you have. Hiking today with so many friends, I am truly grateful for them. To have so many amazing friends to share this journey and the journey of life is unbelievable! I feel very blessed. TYG!

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