Day 242 ~ Trails 100 and 101 Phoenix, AZ

November 22nd, 2016 ~ Day 242

A freezing cold morning out on the trail in total darkness! I wasn’t dressed warm enough for this hike. Shivering as I hiked, hoping at some point I will warm up. Where the heck did the cold come from? It seemed to have dropped ten degrees from two days ago when I was out here in the early morning.

When I decided to do this challenge, I didn’t think this through. I’ve hiked in the cold before and I’m not a fan. I’ve also cancelled hikes because of the cold, but I can’t cancel anymore. The cold mornings will definitely be my biggest challenge. 

Starting out from the North Mountain Visitor Center, Eric and I headed out on Trail 100. I thought I’d show him where I sat when I volunteered for the Phoenix Seven Summit Challenge. It’s only a mile from the trailhead. So we hiked in the cold dark morning. I’m thinking a big part of the cold was from the rains we had yesterday. The beginning of our hike is in a wash, which has always felt cooler and today it was damp from the rain. 

After about 3/4 of a mile, we came to Trail 101 and turned left. Eric heard it first, but I remember the sound from last week, something was out in the darkness calling to us. Last week I thought it was a cat, today Eric thought it was a bird. I agree with him today, it sounded like a bird. Either way, it was eerie to hear an animal calling out in the darkness. 

We made it to the spot where the flag was for the Summit Challenge, and that was it, we turned around at that point. Climbing up Trail 101, I was able to warm up. We caught a little bit of the sun peaking through over the mountain before heading back to the trailhead. 

Even with the cold, it was still a beautiful morning out on the trails. I really wouldn’t have it any other way. Life is good!


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