Day 241 ~ Thunderbird Mountain Glendale, AZ

November 21st, 2016 ~ Day 241


 Nothing but bright beautiful blue skies at the trailhead, after a morning of rain accompanied by dark gray skies. The air smelt cleaner and fresher from the storms. Eric and I were dressed and ready to go hiking this morning when we opened the door to head out, just as the rain began to pour. Deciding to not hike in the rain, we thought we’d wait until later in the day.

So after work I met Eric and his daughter Ali, for a hike at Thunderbird Mountain. It was so beautiful out. I’m glad we waited. 

Our hike began in the east side of the south mountain. Beginning our hike, we immediately climbed uphill, it was the hardest part of the hike. From that point on it was easy stuff. This was Ali’s first hike with me, and she hasn’t been hiking in awhile. Eric and I both are having aches and pains, so we made it a slow leisurely hike. 


 After 3/4 of a mile we headed north, where it’s a nice smooth flat trail. With white fluffy clouds hanging in the sky, is really hard to believe it had stormed all day. Heading north again, instead of taking the road around, we headed back uphill on the mountain. An easy little climb. After our fifty minute hike, we hit almost two miles on my tracker. It was a beautiful day for a hike and I’m grateful I was able to share it with Eric and his daughter.

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