Day 240 ~ Buffalo Ridge Park Phoenix, AZ

November 20th, 2016 ~ Day 240

Picking something easy since Eric and I were both a little sore and my seven year old would be hiking with us today, Eric suggested heading to the Buffalo Ridge Park. Eric had taken his daughter here before. For me, having never been here before, I didn’t even know this place existed. I wasn’t quite sure exactly where we were when we began. It was a city park with a mountain at the north side of the park. We started out crossing a field in the park, heading towards the trail on the side of a mountain.

We found a quarry pit next to the trail. My son loved it, anything with tractors or trucks. From the trail looking south we could see all the mountains I usually hike surrounding us, and I was beginning to grasp where we were.  We followed the trail, until it disappeared, then we had to climb down the side of the mountain to get to another trail. So many different ways you could go through the mountain in this park. Realizing as we hiked along that it’s actually a frisbee golf course and people were playing golf as we were hiking. 

My son was a “happy hiker” as long as he had his cape and gun. Usually, he whines about going hiking, but today was a good day. 

We headed north around the mountain and you could see the freeway. Once I saw the tower on top of Scarlett Canyon, I knew exactly where I was. We came into the park from the south, I think that’s what confused me. After almost nine years of living in Phoenix, I still don’t know my way around. 

As we came closer to the golfers, not wanting to interrupt their game, decided to turn around and head south again. Making it back to the kids park, my son ran over to go down the slide. Then it was off to breakfast. We only hiked a mile and a half today, enough for me to continue on my journey. 


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