Day 238 ~ Thunderbird Mountain Glendale, AZ

November 18th, 2016 ~ Day 238


I decided to stay in bed this morning and skip hiking in the dark. So after work, I took my youngest two kids for a little hike. After all the sunrises I have been missing, I was a little disappointed to have missed the sunset just as we arrived at the trailhead. Still we were given the opportunity to see a beautiful yellow glow surrounding the White Tank Mountains.


Parking at the 67th Avenue lot, we first climbed the hill to the closest peak. It’s nothing big, maybe a quarter mile with a 36 foot elevation gain. Plenty enough for a seven and twelve year old who don’t like hiking. I had to allow my son to bring his nerf gun, because he decided that would make hiking fun.

Initially I had only planned to hike the flat trails with them, but I was trying to catch any of the sunset I could from a higher vantage point.

Once at the peak, we took the other trail down to the flat trails. My son was having fun shooting his gun and chasing after the dart. We talked about the different plants That we could find and about desert safety. What you need to look for and listen for while hiking. I was surprised at how much they knew about the plants.


We found a smiley face sun on the side of the trail as we were headed back to the trailhead. I really enjoyed taking the kids out today. We only hiked a mile, but to get to spend a little bit more time with them was awesome. Especially without the complaining from my youngest. I guess bringing the gun worked.


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