Day 237 ~ Thunderbird Mountain Glendale, AZ

November 17th, 2016 ~ Day 237


 Heading out to Thunderbird Mountain today to do an easy 1.6 miles. I didn’t get to the trailhead until after six. The moon and a few stars were shining over the mountain as I began my hike. The wind was blowing all around me. I couldn’t see the dirt, but I could feel that I was breathing it in. A layer of smog or maybe the dust from the wind, cast a layer across the earth’s horizon. 

I parked at the center lot off 59th Avenue, taking the easiest way. During the week, I seem to always be looking for the easier hikes. I’m getting tired of doing the same trails over and over again, but it’s the only way to continue on this journey. With three kids at home and a full time job, my life stays busy. I do my best to make the hikes different each time. 

I love being outdoors hiking, but my dreams are always of going to places I have never been. So, while hiking the same trail I always do, I think of where I can go next. Always planning my next adventure.

I did my little hike in 35 minutes. Enough for me to continue on this journey of hiking everyday for 365 days! Love this life!


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