Day 235 ~ Trail 100 through the Enchanted Forest Phoenix, AZ

November 15th, 2016 ~ Day 235


 Eric and I met at the North Mountain Visitor Center to hike the east side of Trail 100 through what Rene, one of our Trail Mix hike leaders, calls “The Enchanted Forest”. I like it, so I’m going with it. 😊 We haven’t been to this side of the trail in a what seems like a couple months so we thought we’d hike it today. 

The full moon still shining brightly in the sky when we began our hike. Seeing how everything is so dark in the mornings now, I’m grateful to have the moon to take pictures of. Last night, and maybe still this morning, was what they called a super moon. The first time in 70 years that a super moon has been seen. The super moon is supposed to be larger than what we normally would see. 


 We headed through the tunnel and through the enchanted forest in the dark. Hiking in a mile before turning around. Snapping a picture of the sun beginning to rise, but we wouldn’t get the opportunity to see the actual sunrise. 


 As we made our way back through the enchanted forest, we could see the full moon through the trees.

This little section of forest, in the middle of the desert, somehow reminds me of my childhood growing up in the Midwest. Living next door to a forest, where there were a bunch of different trails, there was one area with the only pine trees in the forest. Under the cover of pine, was an open space with packed dirt. It became our fort and we would play there for hours imagining we were on an adventure. We named our little fort “Smurfs Village”. Remembering these times in my life as a child, makes me think this is why I love the outdoors. 


 Stopping by to see the sheriff’s horses, which happen to be along side the trail. I’ve only rode two horses in my life, but these animals are one of my favorites. Although, these are fenced in, I love seeing horses on the trails. 


 Heading back through the tunnel, which we could actually see now, we made our way back to the trailhead. Finishing up with exactly two miles. Just another day in this beautiful life!

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