Day 230 ~ Trail #306 Phoenix, AZ

November 10th, 2016 ~ Day 230


Darkness surrounding me as I began my hike this morning. I parked at the lot off Central south of Thunderbird to hike the flat portion of Trail 306. Hiking on the west side of Shaw Butte Mountain, without having to go up the mountain.

Tomorrow I plan to hike the Phoenix Seven Summits, and I am trying to take it as easy as possible while still continuing on this journey of hiking everyday.

I was a little nervous hiking alone in the dark. With my flashlight in hand, all I could see was the trail in front of me. It was quiet and peaceful in the desert. Maybe all the animals are still sleeping.


I only went a half mile before turning around. It was beginning to get a little brighter on my way back to the trailhead. I could see a little color along the horizon.

I took a different portion of the trail on the way back that gave me a little more mileage, so I ended up with 1.13 miles. Easy enough for my big day tomorrow.
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