Day 228 ~ Trail #100 Phoenix, AZ

November 8th, 2016 ~ Day 228


 I was excited to see the sign for the Phoenix Summit Challenge at the trailhead this morning! It’s coming up quickly, only four days away!

Eric and I met at the North Mountain Visitor Center to do another easy hike. I need to keep on track with my goal while preparing myself for my own Summit Challenge. My plan is to hike all Seven Summits the day before so I can volunteer for the event. 

It was dark when we arrived, which is nothing new these days. Starting out from the Vistor Center, we began our hike on Trail 100. Hiking west until the trail met up with Trail 306 before turing around and heading back to the trailhead. That was it, we hiked until the tracker said we were at a mile.

A quick and easy two mile hike. Continuing on my goal of hiking everyday for 365 days. I can’t believe I’m already at day 228. It feels like it’s almost over. There’s just so much more I want to see!


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