Day 226 ~ Sunrise Mountain Peoria, AZ

November 6th, 2016 ~ Day 226


Another beautiful morning in this amazing life! After meeting our friends at the church, and heading to the school where the gate was locked, we finally ended up starting our hike from the park. Third time is a charm!

Eric and I met up with some friends to do a training hike for the Four Peak ChallengeSunrise Mountain is one of the four peaks in this challenge. Since the challenge is only a couple weeks away and Sabrina had never been here, she was interested in seeing what she was getting into.

We didn’t get started until 6:30, which was good because I forgot my headlamp. The sun was beginning to rise as we began hiking. Just as we started our hike, only a few yards from the trailhead, a coyote crossed our path. A scraggly little guy, he wasn’t bothered by us, he just continued on his way. It gave me a little peace, and made me think I shouldn’t be so scared of them. 


On the north side of the mountain you will find the first peak. This is the only section of this mountain I have never been to. We took the easy way up, since the trail markers gave us that option. 

We followed the Sunrise Mountain Loop Trail for the entire length of the mountain. Moving at a slow and easy pace today, I was grateful since having hiked 13 miles yesterday. My legs were a little sore and going slow seemed to ease my pain. 


At the top of the first peak, we were granted the beautiful view of the sunrise. The morning started off a little chilly, but once the sun was up it began to heat up. 


Off to the west you could see the White Tank Mountain Range. It seems so far away from Sunrise Mountain, when actually we are closer to the range than I would be at home. I was happy to see the mountains because I just had the opportunity to hike this yesterday. 


As the trail continued, we were offered another option of easy or difficult and again chose the easy route. Sabrina had told us her daughters description of a hike she had once done at Pinnacle Peak, of how all you did was go up and down, up and down. I thought it funny, just after she told her story, that is exactly what we did….up and down, up and down.

We made it to the next intersection, continuing south, this time there wasn’t an option. Continuing uphill, there were a few false summits. Finally making it to the end of the climb, the trail does a loop and takes you back to where you began. 

With the options of easy or difficult, we decided to take the difficult way back, since it was uncharted territory, at least for today. 

I registered 4.7 miles on my tracker. A great training hike, with awesome people, in a place I’ve only been one time during this 365 day journey. Just another beautiful day in this life!


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