Day 224 ~ Shaw Butte Phoenix, AZ 

November 4th, 2016 ~ Day 224


 The smell of rain permeated the air as I opened the door of my car. I love the smell of our Arizona rains. It had rained last night and you could still feel the dampness in the air. It made for a chilly morning.

Parking on Central off Thunderbird, the trail begins immediately heading uphill. It was still dark out when I arrived at 6am, and the stars above were more abundant than I ever seen them in the city. I feel so blessed to find a new experience each time I step on a trail.


 The lights of the city shined like stars across the valley. As I climbed higher, the skies became brighter, but the lights still remained. 

Shaw Butte Trail #306 is a loop style trail that is 4 miles long with 2044 feet of elevation. I rarely get the opportunity to complete the loop. Since I began my hike at six, I was again on a time crunch, my goal was to get as far as I could in 25 minutes before turning around. 

  As I  began my downhill ascent, the colors in the sky told me the sun was beginning to rise. Although it was cloudless above me, off to the east there were clouds covering the skies. I wouldn’t get to see the actual sunrise.

I made it up as far as time would allow me, for a total of 1.9 miles. With the smell of the rain and the stars in the sky, it made for another beautiful beginning to an absolute fabulous day. 

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