Day 223 ~ Thunderbird Mountain Glendale, AZ

November 3rd, 2016 ~ Day 223


A dust storm rolling across the valley, I could hardly see the mountains in the distance. My first thought, “Was there another haboob?” A haboob is basically a wall of dust. We’ve had them here before in Arizona and with the storm rolling in, the wind kicks up the dust. We haven’t had much rain lately, so there is a of dirt to blow around. 

It looked like the storm was heading north. I didn’t hike this morning, I felt like staying in bed. A little change in my routine. I intended to go hiking with some friends this evening, but opted out for the later hike with my friends to try and beat the storm. I headed off to Thunderbird Mountain to do another quick and easy hike. 


There was complete cloud cover over me, yet off in the distance there were pockets of sunshine with white fluffy clouds. The dust along the horizon is still visible even to the west. 


The storm clouds continued to move north west. I was now headed directly into the storm. The wind at the saddle and the summit picked up it’s intensity the higher I climbed. If I was in the open without the cover of a mountain to hike alongside, I was being whipped by the wind. I thought it may be windy, so I wore my hat to keep my hair out of my face, yet the wind was so fierce I couldn’t keep the hat out of my face. The dust blew in my eyes and I could taste little specks of dirt in my mouth. 


Off the distance, where the sun was still partially shining, you could see the rain pouring as the storm made it’s way north. I could smell the rain coming. If you live in Arizona you know what talking about. The wonderful smell of the Creosote Bush.

Shortly after I hit the mile mark, I saw the lightening and heard the thunder. It wasn’t a quarter mile later, I felt the first drop on my lip. Within minutes it began to pour down rain. I picked up the pace to try and stay as dry as possible, grateful I chose to wear my hat.

I met a lady on the trail who was just beginning her hike. She decided to turn around and head back for the day. So I had a little company for the last few minutes of my hike. 

Hiking is always an adventure! A little wet from the rain, I ended up with a 1.6 mile hike. Enough keep me on track for my journey. Only 142 days to go! Love this life!


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