Day 221 ~ Trail 306 Phoenix, AZ 

November 1st, 2016 ~ Day 221


Eric and I met the group from Trail Mix Meetup at the North Mountain Visitor Center. It feels like forever since I’ve seen the girls. Meeting at 6 am, it wasn’t as dark out this morning. It was a little chilly this morning, and I only felt the cold because I left my jacket in the car.

We headed out from the North Mountain Visitor Center to hike Trail 306.I’m not sure how far the group would be going, I believe it was a four mile hike, but time constraints wouldn’t allow me to finish with the group.


Moving slowly, Eric and I were in the back of the group. We hiked with the group for exactly one mile on Trail 306 before turning around and heading back to the trailhead. Sore from our experience in the Grand Canyon a couple days earlier, it was time for our legs to take a break and head back.


We had an amazing group of hikers this morning. Rene took the group picture before Eric and I headed back to the trailhead. I’m grateful to have these Meetup groups each morning, even if only for a little while. I love sharing my love of hiking with friends, new and old.


As we turned to head back, the sun was beginning to come up over the horizon. Little pockets of color in the sky. I thought, with the clouds, it would be another beautiful Arizona sunrise.


We were given only a little more color in the sky just as we made it back to the trailhead. We hiked two miles exactly. Easy stuff for these tired legs. I’m sure Eric was feeling the same. 😊


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