Day 216 ~ Trails 100 and 306 Phoenix, AZ

October 27th, 2016 ~ Day 216


Picking my oldest son up from his house, we headed to the North Mountain Visitor Center to do a half hour hike before we met our Trail Mix Meetup group. The Meetup began at 6 am, but I wanted to get in an extra mile if I could, so we arrived early for the hike.

It was total darkness when we arrived. We started out on Trail 100 heading east, from the Visitor Center, through the tunnel and into the enchanted forest. It was an eerie feeling hiking through the forest trees, being that it was so dark out.


We made it through the forest and turned around to head back to the Visitor Center to meet the group. We arrived a few minutes before 6 and no one was there. That was strange, so I opened up the bio for today’s hike and realized I had looked at the wrong hike earlier. I was actually looking at next week’s hike.

I sent a message to the group, letting them know I parked at the wrong trailhead. Deciding we would hike towards the other trailhead, my son and I headed out towards the group.


Starting out on Trail 100 again, this time in the opposite direction, we headed towards Trail 306, walking the base of Shaw Butte Mountain on the east side. Trail 306 is officially the Shaw Butte Trail, although we wouldn’t be climbing the mountain today. Once we came to the main road that takes you up the mountain, we headed down towards the parking lot where we should have parked. There is another trail close to that trailhead that will take us back south. I’m not sure if this is an actual trail or one people have just formed over the years.


Heading south back towards the Visitor Center, we found our group. Rene had called me to see where I was and they turned around to find us. We were able to hiked with them for a mile or so before it was time for us to leave.


The colors of the sky lit us brightly and made for a beautiful picture. We had to leave the trails before the sun rose, but the glorious colors were enough to make my morning.


Before we made it back to the car I had to get a picture with my baby boy. They grow up too fast and I don’t often get to see him. I love that he enjoys coming out and hitting the trails with me. With five babies, at least one of them enjoys it.


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