Day 217 ~ Piestewa Peak Phoenix, AZ

October 28th, 2016 ~ Day  217


It was an unseasonably warm October morning, I was already sweating before the hike even began. Darkness surrounded me at the trailhead where I was meeting Cindy and Kim for our 5 am hike. We began our climb up Piestewa Peak. A 1.2 mile hike straight uphill with 1200 feet of elevation gain.

The clouds were covering the sky, which may be why it was so warm, usually it’s the clouds that keep the heat in.

We saw a little mouse on the trail. He was digging a hole, not scared of us humans, he ignored us and kept working.

It was difficult in the dark to climb up the mountain. Piestewa Peak has a lot of high steps and jagged rocks. Climbing over them in the dark was hard to manage. This mountain kills me every time I hike it. It’s always something different. I slowed down the higher we went.


We made it to the top in about 45 minutes. Still dark, we used Kim’s green light for our picture. The girls were going on to do a second summit for the Seven Summits training. I on the other hand, had to go get my babies to school. One hike was enough for me today. 


Climbing down, the sun began to rise to beautiful shades of red and orange into the skies. It was as if there was fire in the skies. I don’t believe I have ever seen the colors so rich and the view surrounding Camelback Mountain, was jaw dropping. 

When I’m tired and worn and don’t feel like getting up in the morning, I get the opportunity to see things like this, and it makes me grateful to have gotten out of bed. 

Starting at the sunrise took more time than I realized. I had to leave the girls if I was going to make it home in time to get the kids to school. 


It was becoming daylight just before the end of the trail. Snapping a picture of the city, which seemed so much closer in reality, with a little bit of pink clouds left just hanging in the air. I hurried to my car trying not to be too late and headed home. 

It was a great 2.4 mile difficult hike. I conquered the beast, yet again. I doubt this mountain will ever get any easier for me.
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