Day 213 ~ North Mountain Phoenix, AZ

October 24th, 2016 ~ Day 213


With Eric in California, I decided to do a Meetup with Mike from HHH. There were supposed to be five of us, but it only ended up being him and I. Our hike began at 6 am, and with the kids having a late start for school today I wasn’t pressed for time, so I was able to make it to the top of North Mountain this time.

Our hike began at the North Mountain Visitor Center. Starting on Trail 100 we headed over to Trail 101 to then make it up North Mountain Trail 44. Both trails were dirt trails until you reach the pavement on Trail 44.


Halfway up the mountain you get the opportunity to view the City of Phoenix. I love seeing Phoenix from the top of any mountain and you can see the city from so many mountains around here. One of the blessings living in a valley.

Growing up in Illinois, I would visit Chicago once in awhile. It was so far from my house. Here our little downtown is so close to us. Still as an adult, I only go to visit the city once in a great while. I’m not a huge fan of crowds, seeing it from the mountain is enough for me.


The clouds and the colors in the in the sky were setting up the scene for a beautiful sunrise. Even from this vantage point, it was amazing. With the mornings staying dark longer, I’m afraid I won’t be seeing many sunrises. Soon I may have to switch to the evening hikes so I can catch the sunsets. Mike and I made it to the top of North Mountain, touched the fence and turned around to head back down.


From our view off in the distance, behind the McDowell Mountain Range, you can see the Four Peak Mountain Range in the center of this photo. The tallest peak in Maricopa County, Brown’s Peak, and to think I climbed it yesterday. Very cool to have the opportunity to see it from here.


Heading down the mountain we caught the sunrise and of course it was spectacular. I love our Arizona sunrises! I am grateful for the opportunity to see it in the morning. Even if I happen to miss it on the trail, taking the chance that I may get to see the sunrise, is something I don’t want to miss.

Mike is a fast hiker, we kept a good pace averaging 18 minute miles. It took us just over an hour to do three and a half miles. Another great way to start my day. Love this life!


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