Day 209 ~ North Mountain….almost Phoenix, AZ

October 23rd, 2016 ~ Day 209


There were six of us in our Trail Mix Meetup this morning. Rene, our amazing leader, was taking everyone up North Mountain from the Visitor Center . Everyone, that is, but me. I was again on a time constraint.

We had another great group of people today. One thing I’ve found while hiking with these Meetup groups is that hikers are always good people. At least everyone I’ve found so far has been.


Parking at the North Mountain Visitor Center, we began shortly after six a.m. Starting out on the Trail 100 and turning off on Trail 101 after about a half mile, we made our way to North Mountain. Taking Trail 101 leads you back towards 7th Street and up to North Mountain.


I caught a picture of the girls climbing uphill around the one mile mark. In the background you can see Shaw Butte. The mountain I was just on yesterday. It’s pretty sweet that there are so many mountains so close to me and the fact that we’re in the middle of a city, is fantastic. Being that I’m from the Midwest, seeing mountain ranges surrounding this Valley still keeps me in awe everytime I catch a glimpse of one, which happens pretty much anytime I’m outside.


This was the of end my trail. I put my feet on the North Mountain Trail 44, just to say that I was there, before turning around to head back to the trailhead. Time wouldn’t allow me to continue on.


Before I left, Rene took another one of her super terrific silhouette photos. An amazing gift she has taught me, that I will continue to carry on for all of my hiking career. They really do make amazing pictures.


Heading back to the trailhead, I intended to go the same way from where we had come, but instead as I was heading down I came to a T in the trail. It looked like a direct shot along 7th Street, so seeing as how I was short on time, I took the chance. I may have hiked this trail about six years ago, something seemed familiar, but I wasn’t positive.

Hiking along this portion of the trail, one of which I have no name for, you could hear all the traffic from the street below. It was a clean well maintained trail and the entire portion was on the side of the mountain just above the street.


I didn’t catch the sunrise as it was again behind another mountain, but you could see along Shaw Butte where the sun had risen. Turning the mountain into an orange-red, the brightness of the sun shining on the mountain.

I hiked a total of 1.84 miles. My shortcut was about a half mile shorter. I’d have loved to get a little more in, but sometimes it’s more about the people that make the hike enjoyable. I do love our early morning hikes and I wish I had more time in the morning to enjoy my friends.

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