Day 206 ~ Trail 100 Phoenix, AZ

October 17th, 2016 ~ Day 206


Meeting Eric at the North Mountain Visitor Center and arriving at a quarter to five this morning, we still are seeing what looks to be a full moon in the sky… yet again. I love that he has the day off today and I’m not hiking alone in the dark.


We began our hike along Trail 100 and took it as far as time would allow. Heading west on the trail, I had to turn around to capture the beautiful skyline and the colors from the sun beginning it’s ascent into the sky.

These are the moments I live for each morning. Hiking in the city on the same trails everyday can get boring, but when you get to see these amazing views, you don’t tend to think about how boring it could be seeing the same thing over and over again. Everyday is a new day and I always seem to find something new or see something spectacular on the trail.


We continued on the trail and every time I would turn around, the view became more beautiful. I considered walking backwards. Although tripping over a rock when I’m looking behind me wouldn’t be fun.


As we came closer to 16th Street, you could see South Mountain off in the distance along with the city lights, and a little bit of the colors from the rising sun. We made it about a mile and a half before turning around and heading back.


Heading back to the trailhead, the sky was lit up with a beautiful array of colors. Usually I would take the Trail 306 back to the trailhead, but today I decided to stay on Trail 100. One day soon, I plan to hike the entire ten miles in and then back out for a total of twenty miles. I’m excited to tackle this adventure.


The moon was still hanging in the sky along with the colors from the sunrise. We didn’t get to see the actual sunrise as the mountains were in our way, but the colors in the sky made it all okay. We hiked just under three miles today. It was a cool crisp morning hike and a beautiful way to start the day.


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