Day 207 ~ Thunderbird Mountain Glendale, AZ

October 18th, 2016 ~ Day 207


Eric and I headed to Thunderbird to do an easy trail today. Parking just off 59th Avenue, we started on the west side of the mountain that is furthest south and began our trek. It was dark when we arrived but soon became bright enough so we didn’t have to use the headlamps.


Turning around to see the dramatic glow of the sun across the horizon behind us, I always become memorized by the dazzling array of colors on display. It amazes me sometimes how so many people choose to sleep rather than see the amazing beauty of the sunrise. I’m grateful to be an early morning riser and grateful to love hiking so much, my mornings are always spent outdoors. I love this life I get the opportunity to live!


As we continued on to head north again, I assumed we would be taking the road back, but as we arrived at the road, the trail continued on. I didn’t even know this existed. We continued on this trail for a good half mile or so. It’s always exciting to find new things on the trail. I’ve hiked Thunderbird Mountain so much, I though I knew it all, but I was wong.


At the end of the trail we found the sign,  “Desert Iguana”. At least we have a name for where we’ve been. I’m going to have to take the kids here the next time they hike with me, they’ll love the easy trail.

We ended up with a little two over miles. Definitely an easy day. I’m still getting out here, no matter how small the hike may be. Although, I wish I did have more time in my life to do these things that I love.

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