Day 203 ~ Thunderbird Mountain Glendale, AZ

October 14th, 2016 ~ Day 203


Arriving atthe trailhead at 5:45, to meet a friend, the sky was dark and the church on Pinnacle Peak lit up like a palace. It glows in the darkness and you can’t help but notice it’s magnificence.


I waited until 5:50 before I just went hiking by myself. I decided to do the loop counter clockwise today. The south side of this mountain has a steep uphill or downhill, depending on which direction you go. I decided to go uphill, since this is the trail where I hear my knees cracking when I go downhill.

Using my headlamp up until I was halfway up the hill. Hiking in the darkness here wasn’t as bad as at the other trailhead. Here there were a lot more cars in the parking lot and a lot more people on the trail.


The sun began to rise and the colors displayed across the horizon. I was getting excited to see the sunrise on the mountain! I did chose this direction also in hopes of seeing the sunrise since I didn’t the last time I was on this peak.


As I descended down the mountain, the sun was beginning it’s ascent. I could tell by the mountain across 59th Avenue, as the sun’s rays continued to brighten the mountain. I wasn’t able to see it sure to the mountain blocking my view.

Once down, there is a quarter mile path to the parking lot and as I continued on the path and around the mountain, the sun was shining brightly in all its glory! I missed the actual event, but I’m grateful to have caught the end and to me it was still amazingly beautiful!


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