Day 200 ~ Deem Hills Phoenix, AZ

October 11th, 2016 ~ Day 200


200 days in a row of hiking! I can’t believe how far I’ve come and all the beautiful places I’ve been given the opportunity to see. I met the man who was my inspiration for this challenge on his day 200 of hiking. I really do hope I can inspire others, even if only a little, too get outside and be more active.

Oversleeping due to exhausting myself, I missed the morning Meetup with Trail Mix. Poor Eric was on his way to the car to meet me at the trailhead when I called. Instead of a morning hike, we ended up doing a night hike at Deem Hills. Knowing one of the hike leaders, Bob, had a Meetup group hike going on tonight, which happened to be full when I looked online, I decided to just stop by and say hi. Then he talked us into joining the group.


Bob had a big group tonight, which is so awesome that so many people are interested in hiking. I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep up with them, so Eric and I hung out in the back of the group. We both have work in the morning, so we were going to drop off early.


This Tuesday night group is super fast! I hiked with them back in May and wasn’t able to keep up with them then, and still I’m not able to keep up.

It was dark out as we began our hike and it only became darker. Seeing the city lights at night was an added bonus. The only worry I had were the rattlesnakes.


Bob warned us about the snakes being on the trail before or hike began. Eric spotted a rat, a scorpion, a mouse and a rabbit on the trail. A good eye and ears as he was looking for a rattlesnake, one of which we never saw. I’m grateful he was aware, it made me feel a little safer.

We turned around before we even made the saddle. I was tired. My body doesn’t agree with these night hikes. Total hike was 1.5 miles. Another one I’m happy to have just made it to the trail.


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