Day 199 ~ Thunderbird Mountain Glendale, AZ

October 10th, 2016 ~ Day 199


Completely exhausted from my weekend away, I continue on my journey. It’s never the day after a big hike that I feel the pain, it’s two days after, and today is that day.

Eric and I headed to Thunderbird to do the big mountain. I rarely get the chance to do this trail, so since I had the day off and I wasn’t in the mood to drive any farther, it was perfect!


A bright beautiful sunny day! Temperatures were in the mid-eighties. I consider this the more difficult of the three hills here at Thunderbird Mountain. It’s a taller peak and the trail is a mile and a half longer. The uphill climb seemed to last forever! It’s been a couple months since Eric and I have been on this trail.

This was one of the trails I would hike on the weekends when I first began hiking, about six or seven years ago. Four years ago when I really became obsessed with hiking, I would come to this trail as often as I could. I have always loved the outdoors and hiking has just expanded my love. Moving to Arizona was the best thing I ever did. Having so many places to see, I want to explore them all!

We made it to the top! Shortly after making it to the top, I needed a break. I was feeling the pain of my weekend of hiking. I always think to get moving the day after a big hike is the best thing for you. Hiking today, I should have done something easier, but my goal of 1500 miles is just around the corner and I’m not even half way there! Today’s hike ended up being 3.8 miles. A good little jaunt. I was definitively glad when it was over.

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