Day 193 ~ Lonnie’s Loop Phoenix, AZ

October 4th, 2015 ~ Day 193


Today’s hike was a Meetup with Trail Mix and Rene as our awesome leader. Eric and I met the group at the North Mountain Visitor Center. I love the early morning hikes with this group. Remembering the summer when it was just Rene, Becky, Irina and myself. No one wanted to come out in the heat. I remember how excited I was the first time Rene had posted a morning hike, I was so excited I had a group to go with and wouldn’t have to hike alone!

The hike was supposed to begin at six a.m., which is thirty minutes later than it was in the past, but we didn’t get started until ten after, so Eric and I only were able to hike with the group for about twenty minutes, due to my time restraints.

Lonnie’s Loop, I believe, is named after one of the group leaders from Trail Mix who does a hike through the Phoenix Preserve every week. Since Eric and I didn’t do the entire loop, I’m not entirely sure where it takes you. I may have done this once before, but it’s been so long I don’t remember.


After the twenty minutes of hiking with the group and catching up with the girls, Eric and I veered off towards the Visitor Center. With the little time I had today, I only ended up with a 1.6 mile hike this morning. I was okay with this because I’m doing another hike tonight and I got to see my friends, even if only for a short while. I’m trying to get more mileage and more training for Cactus to Clouds this coming Saturday. I’m getting nervous that I’m not going to make it to the top, but we will see what happens. So excited!

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