Day 190 ~ Piestewa Peak Phoenix, AZ

October 1st, 2016 ~ Day 190


I’m loving these dark mornings where you can see all of the city lights! The city to my left and the sun rising to my right made for some spectacular views.

Today’s hike is a Meetup with HHH, it’s a training hike for our hike next Saturday, C2C. I picked up my friend Juli and we headed over to meet the group. Unfortunately I’m not very good at reading the events on Meetup, and I parked at the wrong parking lot. I just assumed because we were doing multiples of this trail, it would be a the main trailhead. I was wrong.


All was good though, Juli and I just began hiking. We figured we would meet the rest of the group along the way.

Piestewa Peak is 1.2 mile trail with 1208 foot elevation gain. Standing at 2610 feet, it’s the second highest peak in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve. A good hike for training, especially if you’ll be doing a 10,300 foot elevation gain hike this coming Saturday like I am.

Juli took off ahead of me, and I slowly climbed the steep mountain. Enjoying the views and taking pictures around every turn. I think that’s one thing that has changed me in this journey. I have slowed down to actually enjoy each moment. It’s not always about the destination, but the journey along the way.


Just before I made it to the peak, I ran into Chip and Mohammed who were on their way down, and who also didn’t happen to read the Meetup. We talked for a few minutes, just catching up, it’s been awhile since I’ve seen both of them. Always good to find friends on the trails. They were the only other people I ran into from the group.


Once at the top, the sun had risen. I had actually missed it while talking to the guys, as we were hidden behind a wall of rock. I had a quick snack and Juli and I made our way down the mountain, the sun brightly shining on us.


Going down is a little more difficult on the knees, but I brought my braces and it made it much easier. Heading downhill was also much faster than climbing up this steep mountain.

I ended up only doing this trail once, while others were going back up two, three, or like Chip four times. I on the other hand had to go show some homes. I’ll be back here Tuesday, and that’ll be my multiple.😉

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