Day 189 ~ Thunderbird Mountain Glendale, AZ

September 30th, 2016 ~ Day 189


It’s so dark in the mornings! While waiting for my friend Barb, I watched the glow of the sun as it began to rise. Today Barb and I parked along 59th Avenue and Pinnacle Peak to do the 2.3 mile loop. An easy trail except for the downhill on the south side. It’s rocky terrain always seems more difficult for me, but I’ve managed.


It was dark as we began to hike, but light enough where we could see. The colors of the morning sky became a deeper, richer blue.


As we hiked the trail clockwise, we were hoping to see the sunrise. Both barb and I agreed, this was the best mountain of the three on Thunderbird to catch a sunrise on. We were a little early to see the sun come up over the mountain. Timing is everything, so it’ll have to be next time.


The man who inspired me to begin this journey had messaged me, asking me about people putting hearts all over the trails. I haven’t been on this trail in a couple weeks, so when I saw this rock that said “love all”, I thought maybe this was what he was talking about, since this was all I found.


The sun began to rise when we were on the other side is the mountain. Even though we missed the actual sunrise, we still were able to see the rays casting their greatness on the mountains to the west. Just another way to enjoy the beauty of a sunrise.

I’ve only hiked a total of 85.55 miles this month. It’s time to start picking up the pace! Especially to hit that 1500 mile goal. Continuing on, one day at a time! 😃


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