Day 188 ~ Lookout Mountain Phoenix, AZ

September 29th, 2016 ~ Day 188


Starting at 5:30, I met Becky in the dark at the 16th Street parking lot. We planned to meet our morning Meetup group at the 18th Street parking lot at 6. This was my original plan, but when Becky reached out to me with the same idea, it was perfect!

We hiked in the dark for a short while and soon it was light enough not to use the headlamps. As we came around the mountain to head downhill to the parking lot, we caught a glimpse of the sun’s red colors as it was beginning it’s ascent, casting it’s light between the mountains.

The early morning sunrises are so beautiful here in the valley. Each one different in its own unique way. Grateful for the opportunity to see them every chance I get.


We met up with the group right on time and headed up the hill, from which we came. It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve had the opportunity to hike with everyone. It was great to get back into the groove and continue hiking with my friends. Vacations can be tough!


The sun continued to slowly rise, and more colors arrived. I was only able to hike a short while with the group, about twenty minute. Once we made it back to the saddle, I had to take off to get home in time to begin my day. I took a shortcut back to the trailhead ending up with 2.5 miles. My map looked somewhat like a lollipop.

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