Day 187 ~ Trails 100 and 306 Phoenix, AZ

September 28th, 2016 ~ Day 187


Getting to the trailhead just before six, the sun was beginning to rise and a sweet crescent moon was hanging in the sky. The clouds were low and I thought I would see a beautiful sunrise. Before I had even left the house it began to rain hard, so anticipating some rain on my hike, I brought my rain jacket with me.


It was light enough out to see without a headlamp, but dark enough to give the colors of the desert an entirely different view. The trees are growing so tall. Is amazing what you notice when you’re out here everyday.

The clouds to the west were so amazingly spectacular I had to take a video to really show all of its beauty.


Off to the north, the storm was still brewing. For me, there wasn’t a single drop off rain, rain jacket unnecessary. With the sun rising off to the east, it cast colors of red, orange and pink into the clouds of the storm. Very beautiful!


Amazingly enough, I found flowers. This is a completely new find. So exciting! I found them scattered throughout a wash, there were at least ten of these plants with a flower or two. I can’t remember the last time I hiked this part of Trail 306. It may have been for the Seven Summits last November, almost a year ago. I love finding new things on the trails. I hope to find more exciting new things before this journey is over.


The sunrise was not what I expected, but it didn’t disappoint. Brightly shining through the clouds, it cast a golden angelic effect. It was even more amazing than what I was hoping for.

It was a beautiful morning. I hiked a total of three miles. Just another amazing way to start my day and continue on my journey! ❤

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