Day 185 ~ Petrified Springs Kenosha, WI

September 26th, 2016 ~ Day 185


A beautifully chilly and windy morning in Wisconsin. I met my cousin Amy, who before Saturday night, I hadn’t seen in over ten years! Love this girl. ❤ So grateful for the opportunity God has provided for us to connect again.

Amy and I grew up together as kids. She is a year older than I, but we were always together and the best of friends.

When we were younger there was a forest between the streets we each lived on. We used to play in the woods all the time. We had our little fort, which we named smurfs village. We would go off on our little adventures, that is, if we weren’t playing with Barbies.


Petrified Springs is a place I always come to when visiting. There’s just something about the beauty of this park that draws me here.

Hiking along the river and through the forest is truly magical. The leaves here are changing too. With the wind, they were being blown and scattered on the ground.


I have only hiked this trail once before with my son and the last time the trees were bare. Now that trees were covered with leaves, I couldn’t find my way back. It wasn’t too difficult, but we ended up going a different way than intended.

Amy and I hiked almost three miles and time flew by. Talking about our lives and where we are now, made this hike go by way too fast.

By the time we were done it was a little warmer and the wind had died down. It was a beautiful morning hiking with my beautiful friend!  It was so great to see my cousin and catch up on both of our amazing lives.

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