Day 183 ~ Illinois Beach State Park Zion, IL

September 24th, 2016 ~ Day 183


Five months and one day ago, I took my daughter, soon to be granddaughter, son and son-in-law to this very same trail. That was April 23rd, 2016 the day my beautiful granddaughter happened to be born.

It was a long hike for my very pregnant daughter and my sweet little grand baby was overdue. So a hiking we went. A good walk for the pregnant momma, they say can induce labor, and so it did. This beautiful little girl came five minutes before midnight that very same day.


Today I took my son and granddaughter on the very same hike. Even though she’s been here before, this time she could actually see it, if only she was awake. The trail is sandy, but not difficult to walk through. It’s packed sand until you get to the beach.


We headed to the beach to see the waves. I grew up visiting this beach as a child, swimming in Lake Michigan. We used to ride our bikes to the beach with out our parents and swim all day. So many memories here. If only my sweet Mileena were awake to enjoy this moment with her Emmy. Sweet little girl was so tired. The wind and chill from the lake along with the noise of the waves crashing into the shore soon woke her up though.


We headed away from the shore, back to the trail,  and found a pond where we thought we may see some wildlife. We didn’t get to see any, but we did find some deer tracks in the sand.


The leave are changing color here too! Little patches everywhere. I have decided the reds are my favorite! Fall will be here soon, I’m a little sad that I’m going to miss it.

We hiked a little over two miles. Plenty enough for me carrying a twenty pound baby. She’s getting so big! I hope for the opportunity to bring her here every time I visit Illinois. To tell her the story of the day she was born.

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