Day 181 ~ Desert Vista Trailhead Phoenix, AZ

September 22nd, 2016 ~ Day 181


White fluffy clouds against a bright blue sky as I began my hike on the Hawks Nest Trail at the Desert Vista Trailhead. It was only 85 degrees when I began, but with the sun shining directly on me and the humidity so high, I was dying out there. Off to the west, however, a storm was brewing. You could see the dark clouds off in the distance.

Desert Vista Trailhead has so many different trails you can hike. So starting on the Hawks Nest Trail, climbing to the top of the quarter mile trail, I then headed east on the Dixie Mountain Loop. From there I was on the Valle Verde Trail and finally I was on the Desert Tortise Trail heading back to the trailhead. I decided to do the loop the opposite direction than I did the last time I hiked these trails, back in the spring when my journey was just beginning.


More dying plants on the trail. This time there was less green. I hope the rain hits this mountain and maybe next time it will be green again.


The clouds were coming my direction and soon I was under complete cloud cover. No more sun shining down on me. The wind was picking up and the temperature was beginning to cool down. It wasn’t quite as hot out as when I began.


So awesome to see a hawk flying overhead just before the end of the hike. I just love seeing animals in nature. The little pleasures of hiking and being outdoors.

Total my hike was just under three miles. Still grateful to be able to accomplish my goal. Just another beautiful way to start my day!


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