Day 174 ~ North Mountain National Trail #44 Phoenix, AZ

September 15th, 2016 ~Day 174


What a fun morning hike! I headed over to North Mountain to do a Meetup with Trail Mix and Rene as our leader. We had a good group of people. I love our morning Meetups.

We started from the trailhead off Peoria Avenue. I was late, but they waited for me. The initial climb is tough, a steep incline up the side of the mountain until you reach the tower road.

Once you come to the pavement, you’re still going uphill, but it’s a more gradual incline. A good workout for any training you may be doing.


It was a chilly morning in the low seventies.I was a little surprised when I walked out the door. With the skies so clear, the sun began to rise when I arrived at the trailhead, even though it was still dark outside. I enjoyed the view of the city lights from the mountain.


Rene with her awesome silhouettes. I had so much fun posing for pictures today. Who cares if we’re not actually hiking, we were having a ton of fun! If I’m hiking alone, it’s about the exercise, when I’m with friends it becomes more about the people. Have I said I love my Meetups?


Of course you have to touch the fence at the top of the road, otherwise it doesn’t count. We actually headed up to the top of the mountain this time. The last time I was up there was Fourth of July last year.

If you ever have the chance to sit on top of a mountain for the Fourth, do it. It was so amazing to see all the fireworks around the valley. If I remember correctly, I believe I saw at least nine firework displays.

Finally the sun came up!

As we were headed down the mountain, off in the distance to the north, there were two glittering lights in the middle of the mountain. I have no idea what it was. We decided it was a UFO.

I logged a total of 1.8 miles. Another day in this beautiful life!

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