Day 173 ~ Thunderbird Mountain Glendale, AZ

September 14th, 2016 ~ Day 173


Another beautiful day in this wonderful life. Today, I’m grateful to be alive, to enjoy and experience these little moments in life. I think sometimes we take life for granted. Coming to the trails each morning gives me peace and serenity. Being one with nature and feeling as though I am in God’s presence. I am in awe and wonder with all that surrounds me and to do this daily, is giving me another view of this beautiful world.


Today is the one year anniversary of Jimmy’s death. Jimmy is the father of my two youngest children, even a year later I still can’t believe he’s gone. A father to all of my children, I have been left struggling to pick up the pieces of these broken hearts. Life is too short and we never know when God will decide to call us home.

I continued my hike, this one for Jimmy, with thoughts of him on my mind.


As I continued hiking, I noticed it looked like there had been a recent fire on the mountain. It’s very possible this was a controlled burn, but who am I to know. I haven’t been on this part of the mountain in a few weeks.


Since I haven’t been here in a few weeks, I noticed the rains have helped the bushes grow. As I climbed higher up the mountain, the plants had grown tall. Each side of the trail was lined with bushes, like walking through a little forest in the desert.

Shortly after the peak, I ran into my friends Barb and Cathy. I hiked with them for a little while catching up on life. I get to hike with Barb again on Friday so we can really catch up. Love my friends and fellow hikers, and I want as many friends as possible to be apart of this journey.

Can you see the balloons?

As I came to the bottom of the mountain and began hiking along 59th Avenue, I heard a motorcycle and it reminded me of Jimmy and how his bike was so obnoxiously loud! He loved it. Maybe it was his way of saying “hi”. Maybe those little signs do mean something and he is here with us, watching over his babies.
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