Day 172 ~ Trail 100 Phoenix, AZ

September 13th, 2016 ~ Day 172

Arizona’s painted skies

An evening hike in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve, Eric and I parked in the Dollar Store parking lot at 7th Street and Thunderbird. I’m so grateful he was able to come along, I didn’t want to hike in the dark alone. There’s an unmarked trail in front of the parking lot where we started.

Immediately we saw the colors of the sky from the sunset. A beautiful gold.

A layer of dust or smog?

It was a windy evening and neither of us were sure what the brown layer was in the ozone. Since the wind was kicking up dust all over, we were hoping it was from the dust.


As the sun continued to set, the colors only became brighter, oranges and reds.

I see the moon and the moon sees me…

The moon, not quite full, had an amazing glow of colorful clouds surrounding it.

We made it to the Visitor Center and it was getting dark. We pulled out the flashlights to watch for snakes.

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