Day 171 ~ Thunderbird Mountain Glendale, AZ

September 12th, 2016 ~ Day 171


A beautiful morning, including a sky filled with clouds and an amazing array of colors. With bright blues and purples, colors so different than the oranges and reds they usually are.

Eric and I headed over to Thunderbird Mountain for a trail that was closer to home. We didn’t catch the actual sunrise, the mountains were our view, with the sun casting it’s rays through the clouds.

We hiked the easy route with a little added twist heading up a couple of the small peaks. One small portion of the trail, I have never been on. I made the decision that one day, while on this journey, I will hike every inch of this mountain in a day.

As we hiked into our second mile it began to sprinkle. A light rain, enough to bring the scent of the desert and the creosote bush into the air. You can always tell it’s going to rain by that distinct smell, and I love the smell of Arizona rains.


As we started climbing the second peak, we spotted a bunny rabbit. Then realized there were two bunnies along with two squirrels and a bunch of birds. It reminded me of Snow White with the animals in the forest, although this is the desert, still a little imagination.

Total, our hike was 2.01 miles. An easy day on the trail. With the beautiful skies, the smell of rain and the light sprinkle it made for an incredible hike. Life is good!

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