Day 163 ~ Slate Mountain Flagstaff, AZ

September 4th, 2016 ~ Day 163

Another beautiful day in this amazing life…


Eric and I headed to Flagstaff Saturday night. After stopping in town, we headed to a forest road off 180 to do some car camping. On the way, we saw a baby deer in the road. A little nerve wracking since the last time, when I actually hit a deer.

Our campsite was only a half hour from town. It was so dark out when we arrived and you could see so many stars in the sky. Nothing but trees surrounding us. Amazing!

Since my Outback is in the shop, our rental, a Forester was our room for the night. A little smaller, but we figured it’d do. My first mistake… I didn’t realize the plug for the air mattress wasn’t with us. So we rigged it with some band-aids, a zip lock bag and some rope. That only lasted so long and soon we were on the hard plastic.

Second mistake was laying with our heads to the rear of the vehicle. We were on a slight incline with the blood rushing to our heads. Sometime in the middle of the night, we turned our heads the other direction.


Basically we got very little, uncomfortable sleep. We did get to sleep in a little and were able to take our time getting up in the morning. We spent a nice relaxing morning enjoying our coffee in the forest. We were also blessed enough to see a herd of elk crossing the road a quarter mile or so away from us. It was a beautiful beginning to the day.


Since we took our time packing up, we didn’t pay attention to the time and ended up being five minutes late for our hike. Luckily the group was still at the trailhead when we got there.


Today’s hike was a Meetup with Trail Mix and Kaveh, our awesome leader! A great group of people with some awesome friends. Some people I’ve hiked with a lot and some only a time or two. It always seems to be that we always get great people in our groups.


The trail is a 2.4 mile hike that is a gradual but steady climb to the top. The view from the top is spectacular! You get to see the San Francisco Peaks, Kendrick Mountain, Red Mountain, the Grand Canyon and Painted Desert.

It was windy at the top. We were able to enjoy a few snacks at the top, with an amazing view, before heading down.


When we were in Flagstaff last night, we stopped at a couple stores. I bought this awesome t-shirt. It wasn’t until I was hiking today that I realized it’s a mountain climbing shirt. Duh! Oh well, I’m going to climb every mountain in Arizona anyway, just with my feet on the ground. 😆

10,000 steps! Celebrating!

Eric and I were at the back of the pack heading down the mountain. I stopped to take pictures and enjoy the views. He was a little excited to reach his 10,000 steps on his fitbit.


On our way out, I had to stop and snap a picture of all the beautiful yellow wild flowers. Such a majestic view.

We hiked a total of 4.5 miles with about 800 feet of elevation gain. It ended up being quite an adventure and I can’t wait till the next one!

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