Day 162 ~ South Mountain National Trail Phoenix, AZ

September 3rd, 2016 ~ Day 162


105 degrees as I began hiking at one o’clock in the afternoon. Craziness! I only lasted 1.75 miles. It was way to hot.

I had a garage sale this morning so I wasn’t able to hike in the early cool morning hours. After dropping my kids off at their cousin’s house for the night, I headed to the trail since it was only eight minutes away.

The National Trail starts out as a dirt road for about a mile before you get to an actual trail. I’ve done the entire trail once, for The National Trail Trek last January. I look forward to doing the event again. The entire trail is about 16 miles one way and covers the entire mountain from east to west.


It was so hot even the cactus is melting! My shoes were melting too and my feet were on fire.

I was at .88 miles when I decided to turn around. It wasn’t so much the heat as my head. Hiking alone my mind usually gets the best of me. I was afraid there would be a mountain lion or bobcat attack. They always say they attack when people are alone. Fear won and I headed back.

It’s probably a good thing I turned around. I saw no one while I was hiking and I know better than to hike alone or in this heat.

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