Day 161 ~ Thunderbird Mountain Glendale, AZ

September 2nd, 2016 ~ Day 161

Today was the first day this week for hiking by myself. I decided to sleep in a little bit and travel the short distance to Thunderbird Mountain. It’s funny how I used to enjoy hiking by myself all the time. With so many friends lately, I was a little lonely.

God’s Promise!

It was another morning with a beautiful rainbow. Love this life!

In the distance to the east you could see the rain coming down and once the sun was shining through the could a rainbow appeared. It stayed with me the entire hike.

I started off on 67th Avenue today and instead of doing the usual lollipop loop, I decided to climb to the top. I usually skip this section of the trail because it’s an in and out, and uphill. It was a good climb and it tool me a little bit more time.

Once I made it to the bottom of the hills, instead of heading north, I went south and walked the flat trail back to the parking lot. I needed to get home early and I knew I wouldn’t have time for the rest of the loop. So I only ended up with a little over two miles.

This 1500 miles is getting more challenging by the day with all these little hikes, but I know I will succeed. I always do.

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