Day 160 ~ Mohave Quartz Loop Phoenix, AZ

September 1st, 2016 ~ Day 160


It was another beautiful morning with my girls from Trail Mix. I love our morning hikes and I missed them as I didn’t hike on Tuesday with the group. I had decided, because of my time allowance, if the hike was more than a half hour away I wouldn’t be able to go. Today it was more than that half hour, but I went anyway.

With my hour drive and my hour hike, I only ended up with 1.7 miles. Not much in distance, but I had the opportunity to hike with my friends. 😊


The sunrise was so spectacular! Reds, oranges and yellows lit up the sky! The silhouettes have an amazing backdrop.

It was great, climbing up the mountain it looked like an ordinary morning. As we climbed higher, the reds slowly appeared in the sky. Peaking out over the top of the hill. Until you came to the top, then you saw the magnificence of it all.


To the west we caught glimpse of a rainbow over the Estrella Mountains. The reds were shining through the clouds all through the skies.


It looked like cotton candy in the sky! The pinks, the blues and the fluffy clouds. So amazing!

I find myself filled with gratitude to have the opportunity to wake up each morning and see the beauty God has to offer. To know that I’m going to do it again tomorrow gets me excited and motivated each day.

I still find it amazing to live in Phoenix, in the middle of a city, and to be in the beautiful mountains and surrounded by nature. Moving from Illinois was the best decision I have ever made.


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