Day 159 ~ Scarlett Canyon Phoenix, AZ

August 31st, 2016 ~ Day 159


Today I met my friend Sam at Scarlett Canyon. I’ve only been to this mountain once before so we started out in the direction I had never been.

Heading north from the trailhead, we planned to do an easy loop around the mountain. There are no trail markers to tell you were to go, so we just followed what looked like a path.

Hugh boulders had come crashing down the mountain at some point in time. Walking through them made me feel small.

On the far northeast side of the mountain we came to a dead end. The mountain butted up against a fence and some commercial businesses. Looking up, we saw what we thought might be a trail, so we starting bouldering up the side of the mountain.


We made it to a fairly decent road. At the top of this mountain is a radio signal for the Deer Valley Airport, so I’m assuming that’s what the road is for. The road continued up to the radio and we continued down around the mountain.

We came to another crossroads. Initially we started going uphill, then decided to turn around. Heading back we were able to find a trail going around the back side of the mountain.

Soon we were on flat ground again. Back to the trail I had hiked once before.

We missed the actual sunrise, but the little bit of color was still amazing. It was a great day for a hike!

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