Day 157 ~ Trails 100 and 306 Phoenix, AZ

August 29th, 2016 ~ Day 157


With all the rain lately, it seemed like within only a week, we were walking through a forest. The bushes are green and covered in leaves. Usually you would be able to see the trail, more than what was ahead of you, but not today.

Today I noticed the Creosote Bush grew flowers. Is funny because I’ve been taking pictures of these flowers, just not realizing that they were on the Creosote.

Eric and I parked at the North Mountain Visitor Center and started out on Trail 100. The puddles from last Tuesdays hike had dried up.

It was a cool morning, much better than last night’s hike. About twenty degrees better.

Eric and I hiked a little over two miles. We didn’t get started until six. I needed my rest from the camping trip.

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