Day 156 ~ Thunderbird Mountain Glendale, AZ

August 28th, 2016 ~ Day 156


100 degrees in the desert and I’m going hiking! Usually I stay out of the heat, but after packing up all our gear and driving the couple hours back home, I was tired.

Initially, we were going to stop somewhere in Payson to do a hike, but after we missed our turn, I decided a nap sounded better before a hike. So we headed home.

Once unpacked and kids were all cleaned, I took my nap. Love my weekend naps. I woke up around four, but decided not to go hiking till the evening.

Dreading going out in the heat, I left the house at six. Heading to Thunderbird, I took the easy short route. I was exhausted and it was hot. A mile and a half later, I was done.

I did get to see the sun setting, not completely, but enough to give me some bright and beautiful colors. A completely different feel than seeing the sun rising in the mornings like I usually see.

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