Day 155 ~ Forest Lakes, AZ

August 27th, 2016 ~ Day 155


Camping up in Forest Lakes Arizona, we didn’t have an official trail to hike. It was much easier to just start walking through the woods than driving to a trail. Eric and I took the kids down what looked like a quad trail. Today’s hike has no name.

It’s beautiful up in Forest Lakes. So many pine trees. It rained most of the morning so we were hiking through some mud.

The scenery is so much different than in Phoenix. We saw a few brightly colored mushrooms, a frog and even some clovers. Of course there were pine needles everywhere and the smell of fresh rain and pine was in the air.

With kids, you can never go far with out them complaining. Although, I’m happy to share my journey with them. We only ended up with a mile hike. Still, I’m grateful to have the opportunity to continue on this journey, even if it is only a small hike.

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