Day 153 ~ Lookout Mountain Phoenix, AZ

August 25th, 2016 ~ Day 153


Another awesome Meetup with Trail Mix and Rene. Such a great group of people to share my mornings with.

Today we parked in the south side of the mountain at the 18th Street parking lot. Heading up the hill to do the circumference Trail 308. Once we mad it to the T, we headed east around the mountain where we saw yet another beautiful sunrise over the McDowell Mountains.

This is the side with the petroglyph Becky and Irina found last time. It’s a little bit of ancient history in the middle of a city.

We hadn’t even gone a mile and it was time for me to take off. Instead of heading back to the trailhead, I decided to continue the loop.


After I left the group, I had about 35 minutes left to hike. I picked up my pace and continued on Trail 308 until I found a trail heading down the side of the mountain. I wasn’t sure if this was an actual trail or a wash, but I followed it.

Once on level ground I headed toward the houses. Unsure if there was a trail leading back, I stopped and asked a man for directions. He told me I could get back, but it’d take time. Time I didn’t have.

So this wonderful guy had me follow him back up the trail and lead me in the right direction. It proved to me, that even on a small mountain people can get lost.


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