Day 151 ~ Charles M. Christiansen Trail 100 Phoenix, AZ

August 23rd, 2016 ~ Day 151


As soon as I stepped out the door this morning the sky was dark, almost pitch black and I heard the thunder. It was so dark outside, and once I got on the road, it seemed the lighting surrounded me. I was a little nervous. The rain came pouring down as I went to pick up Eric.

Parking at the North Mountain Visitor Center, once we arrived, it was only a light sprinkle and it didn’t last long. It was still somewhat dark, but you could see the storm clouds above heading east.


Today was the fifth and final leg of the rock journey with Rene and Trail Mix. We had a nice sized group, with a few new people. I’m sure I’ve hiked with them at one time or another, but new to these morning hikes I love so much.


From the monsoon reasons that came just before we arrived, we were blessed to find water on the trail. Never in the eight years I’ve lived here have I seen water in this area. It’s a little extra surprise, that had I not been hiking every day, I would have missed.


Although you could only see a reflection of the sun rising off the clouds, it was still so beautiful. I’ve never seen the sky this color blue.

After our initial sprinkle at the trailhead, the skies opened up for us and there wasn’t another drop of rain. The best part, it was only 77 degrees. I was actually a little chilly.

Eric and I had to turn around before the end of the hike to get back for school, but we made it almost three miles. I’m grateful I was able to be a small part of this 25 mile journey. I look forward to when I get the opportunity to hike the entire trail end to end in one day. Soon, very soon. 😊

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