Day 148 ~ Apache Vista and Ridgeback Trails Phoenix, AZ

August 20th, 2016 ~ Day 148


Another beautiful sunrise with the Arizona painted skies. I met a couple members from Meetup on a hike posted on Facebook at the Apache Wash Trail. We hiked to the Apache Vista and Ridgeback Trails. Total hike was about five miles.

We initially headed east towards the Apache Vista. This hike is two of hikes the Phoenix Seven Summit Challenge, just backwards.

It was a beautiful morning, seemingly nice and cool. Starting out at 5:30 helped tremendously.


There was a hot air balloon so close hanging over us. It seems like it’s been awhile since I’ve seen one on the trail. It must be cooling off. Usually when I do see them, they are in the north. This must be the spot. One day I’ll be in the balloon.


As we were ending or hike, we happened upon a tree with ribbons and trinkets hanging all over it. A water bottle at the base of the tree had a picture and a massage “Cody’s Voice”.

My fellow hikers explained, it must be for the 12 year old boy who died July 22nd. So sad. The Phoenix heat is no joke. It kills.

My friends believed this may be the spot where he was left until the man he was hiking with could go back and get help. My prayers go out to him in his family.

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