Day 147 ~ Thunderbird Mountain Glendale, AZ

August 19th, 2016 ~ Day 147


Today was the first hike I’ve hiked alone this week. It’s so wonderful to have friends with the same passion I have. Since I was alone, I chose to hike the Arrowhead Point Trail at Thunderbird Mountain. The trail is approximately 2.3 miles and it takes me about 50 minutes.

Initially you start out on a flat trail about a quarter mile long, then it’s immediately uphill. Climbing uphill is a series of what looks like stairs carved out of the mountain and made from rocks. You hit some flat areas to catch your breath, but after all these years, I would still consider this a challenge.

There was a full moon in the sky and the sun had already risen, but I caught the last glimpse before it hid behind the clouds.


It was a beautiful morning. Not too hot and once I reached the peak there was a cool breeze.

Heading down hill was more difficult for me today. Having had issues with my knee lately, I heard crunching as I hiked. Downhill is a steep decline down the mountain with rocky unstable ground. I had to go slow and adjusted my stride so I couldn’t hear the obnoxious sound my knee was making. I ordered knee straps as soon as I got home.

Once I reached the trailhead and turned my phone off airplane mode, it rang immediately. It was my dad calling to tell me my aunt passed away. A sad day. A great reminder, we only have today, and I choose to live and make the most of this life. My third reminder in the last year.

When my children’s father passed away last September, my life changed drastically. It hit me hard and I had never felt so much pain to lose someone I knew so well. The first six months were for my children, for them to know I would always be there.

When I decided to do this, I felt I needed to do what I love and live each day with all my loves, my children and my hiking. I’m hoping by getting out there, one with God and nature, one day grief won’t be so difficult and I will have somehow mended the pain. Only God knows, it’s all in his timing. For today, I’m going to live and if I’m gone tomorrow, I will be happy with the life I’ve lived and all I have seen.

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