Day 146 ~ Charles M. Christiansen Trail 100 Phoenix, AZ

August 18th, 2016 ~ Day 146


Today was the forth leg of our rock journey with Rene and Trail Mix. I decided since it was only a four mile hike, I was going to do the whole trek. The clouds were hovering and we had a few sprinkles as we began. A little humid, but still a beautiful morning!



Immediately traveling under the tunnel, we headed through the enchanted forest following Trail 100. Heading east about two miles we made it to the second tunnel, where the group hid the rock on Tuesday. (The part I missed) Once we had the rock in hand, we turned around and headed back.


Rene brought us to a slab of concrete and the historian she is, filled us with knowledge of how it came to be. But, you’d have to ask her, because already I don’t remember. 😊

As we were listening to her story, we heard the thunder and decided it was time to head back. It was sprinkling slightly, which felt great, but who wants to chance lightening on a mountain.

We booked it back to the trailhead to miss the storm. We could see the storms off in the distance, but luckily it missed us.

Creosote bushes are becoming green again.

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