Day 145 ~ Lookout Mountain Phoenix, AZ

August 17th, 2016 ~ Day 145


Arriving at the trailhead almost in the dark I caught sight of the city lights and the sunrise all in the same moment. Parking at the 16th Street trailhead, I met up with Becky and Irina. The sun was rising as we started our hike and it didn’t stay dark long.

We immediately began climbing. Heading up the rocky terrain to reach the top of Lookout Mountain. Along the way, as we stopped to take a break, we noticed there were bats flying in the air along side the mountain, just before the sun was fully alive.

Once you reach the saddle, you kind of lose track of the trail. We ended up doing a little bit of crawling over the rocks and certain parts of the actual trail undefined. We just headed east toward the peak until we made it to the top.


Once we made it top, we were amazed to have a fire in the sky. I think this may be the best sunrise I’ve yet to see on this journey.


A few other people were on top of the mountain waiting for the sun to rise, cameras ready. They were kind enough to take a picture of Becky, Irina and myself. A nice silhouette with a spectacular view behind us.


We were even blessed to catch sight of a rainbow, which stayed with us the entire hike. The clouds hung over us with the sun rising in the east and a rainbow with storms to the west. It looked like a downpour on South Mountain. I felt a few drops and then it was gone.


We hike around half of the circumference trail before heading back to the trailhead. We ended up hiking only a mile and a half in the hour we had, but it was a great workout climbing the mountain.

After I left, the girls continued on and found a petroglyph, one I’ve seen before. Very cool! Other mountains in the valley have them as well. Where, I couldn’t tell you, but I’ll share if I find them.

It was am amazing morning and yet another beautiful day!

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