Day 142 ~ Kachina Trail Flagstaff, AZ

August 14th, 2016 ~ Day 142


Heading north again to beat the heat, we decided to do the Kachina Trail in Flagstaff. This trail is an in/out trail that is five miles long each way. Eric and I met up with my friend Juli and her little dog Kendall to do the hike.

The trail is somewhat of an evenly flat trail with little elevation gain, but with the elevation it was a tough hike. It felt like we were going uphill both ways.

It was a beautiful trail. So many different types of flowers and the trees were so tall. The smell of pine was in the air. Getting to walk waist high through the trail of ferns isn’t something I get to do everyday.


We saw mushrooms galore! All over the place, there were so many different kinds of mushrooms. If I knew what was and wasn’t edible, I may have grabbed some to eat.


The views were spectacular. Clearings in the forest offered great panoramic views over the valley below. You could see for miles.


From the meadows you could see Mt. Humphreys. A spectacular sight. The last time Eric and I hiked with Juli and Kendall, it was the Humphreys Peak Trail.

We made it to the four mile mark before turning around. It was an exhausting hike. My legs felt like they weighed a ton. After hiking eight miles in elevation, I was done. Just another amazingly beautiful day exploring. Grateful for the opportunity and the experience.

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